Wedding Planning Season

Wedding season is an often talked about topic.  Its the time when most weddings are held and the time before it represents a great marketing time.  This year we have already begun the wedding season, which ranges from late April to August in Wisconsin.  During this time we see the most couples walking into churches, gathering at parks, and reserving event centers for receptions. We have seen our fair share of weddings so far this year with many more to come. 

So the question we were asked recently is how soon before a wedding should a couple decide to start planning?  In light of wedding season, being different in parts of the country, we think a cushion of 8 to 12 months is a smart amount of time to plan for a wedding.  This is taking into account finding a venue, raising enough money for the event, and figuring out all the "little" details which make the better part of a wedding.  There are several reasons why we are suggesting this time frame.

1. Because of possible wedding season (meaning time when vendors are extra busy) couples must get moving with selecting their most expensive and time consuming things. 

2. Alterations needed for a wedding party can be time consuming if they cannot find the "right" mix.  It is always good policy to plan ahead just in case.

3. Bringing family to a wedding can be tough if they live far away.  This is especially important for destination weddings and relatives from overseas. 

4. Funding a wedding can cost on average for some couples around 10,000 dollars.  Being able to save and pay for all the "extra" things a couple wants to make it special can take time as well.  Things like wedding invitations can take time.

Overall, planning weddings and picking the right time can depend largely on the couple.  There are some couples who can fully plan their wedding within 4 months of having it.  It just takes passion, time, dedication, and sometimes a little luck to find the right things.  We always give the advice to search search search because  sometimes you just never know what you might find to make your day beautiful. 


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