Amirah's Wreck-it-Ralph Party

It's been a year since our daughter Amirah was born. April Twenty Five has taken a little bit of a turn since we had her. We have since added a section on Baby showers and Party items. I think having a little one changed me personally. I've become very interested in things that has to do with kids in general. In my family we always make a big fuss of birthdays. We go all out on decorations, food even costumes. Amirah's first birthday is no different.

After seeing Disney's Wreck-it-Ralph movie with my nieces and nephew I knew Amirah had to have a SugarRush Party. I envisioned her as Vanellope Von Schweetz, Daddy as Ralph and her cousin as Felix. We sort of ran out of time planning so a portion of the costume design fell through we Amir couldn't come as Ralph. BUT with a borrowed tool belt from PawPaw (Amirah's Grandpa) blue jeans, blue polos and a baseball cap, Fix It Felix, Jr. made it! Amirah's Auntie turned the dining room into a Dylan's Candy Bar inspired party room and let's not forget she also built a replica of the Apartment building from Cardboard boxes. Everything was just awesome.

My part of the party was the birthday cake, cupcakes, favors and Amirah's costume. I DIY-ed them except for the cake topper.

I have included the links and printable artworks below that you can use for the favor boxes. Feel free to fill in the name part with your own kid's name. The Gable boxes are available on our Etsy Site.

The Vanellope figurine I used for the cake topper was a used Disney infinity piece that I purchase from Amazon. For some reason most Wreck-it-Ralph items are now mostly out of stock or being sold at a very steep price as collectibles so Icombed through eBay's and Amazon's offerings for option and this was the most economical way to do it. The chevron cupcake containers were from Target's dollar section and the clear tops were actually these rigid 4" tall plastic cocktail cups from Sam's Club . I've had requests for the things that I used for my baby's cupcakes and cake decorations which led me to wanting to start a new line of party items to be sold in our Etsy Site. For now I will be giving away the templates here for free.

Downloadable Templates:
Wreck-it-Ralph Gift Tags
Wreck-it-Ralph Stickers
Vanellope Von Schweetz Stickers


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