Wednesday, May 2, 2012

To buy or not to buy!!

So we are thinking about purchasing a new camera for our business.  I know that cameras can be a little pricey so we want to get the best we can find to show the detail in our work.  We want everyone to see the textures, colors, etc.  Bottom line, it has a tangible benefit to our business.  I may not much of a photo buff though I have always had aspirations to take "quiet" pictures due to my interest in zen.  Our goal is simple, to let people fall in love with our invitations.  Close-up photos just speak the right language as pinterest has certainly proven. 

However, we are torn between what type, SLR and dSLR provide some amazing specs as well as a love for extra lens (we will need an awesome one for those closeup shots).  I think I will reach out to some photo specialists and see if they have some advice on what to choose.  Pictures like the one below is what we are going for.  Something VERY detailed.

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