The nature of customer service

Customer Service
I was thinking the other day about the nature of our business as Memorial Day came and went. I realized that in the world we live in today, we have created a culture that availability should be immediate and constant.  That means that no matter what time of day or what day, availability for any company should be priority.  If you look at customer service as being one of those crucial elements you start to think about how often you request customer service.  From my standpoint I think about my relationships with my cellphone company Verizon and my relationship with Intuit and other places of business.  The interesting thing is that most of these companies are not available 24/7.  Each company creates hours of operation that they try to ingrain into customers regardless of the need.  However, in a fast paced world this model may not serve the better interests of customers.   Problems go wrong all the time and is certainly not hindered by hours of operation.  Thus, it strains to imagine how can these companies can operate customer service today. 

Solutions Solution Solutions!!
With the creation of the internet we can now access the collective knowledge base of the world in an instant and gain our customer service from people we barely know.  This relationship is something that companies often miss out on.  This is why companies should pay more attention to ensuring that their products and the customer service that follows it is available.  When I think about it from our perspective as wedding invitation and event designers, I think we have always had a high form of availability to our customers regardless of the time or day as a means to ensure our customers feel like they are getting the help they need.  Granted even we cannot be awake 24/7 and there are even events in life that can prevent even the most dedicated company from being available.  However, I still think there is wisdom in making customers and their experience as comfortable as possible.  We value the "relationship" we establish with our customers.  That is something I will look forward to more companies accomplishing in similar ways that simply just makes sense.


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