A Change In Path

The urge to write in our blog can be a double edged sword at times.  We can choose to write about some very mainstream and compelling content to gain a huge audience or we can write about niche type things that simply cater to only a few people.  This is a constant choice we consider here in the world of internet blogs.  Then we think about where we want to go.  On the one hand, blogs are not what they used to be.  Some people use them for personal expression of their inner feelings (which we can only hope at times) and others use them for almost fanatical updates on what they do on a daily basis (businesses included).  We opted to take a different approach and simply post engaging, worthy content that tugs at the reader to want to visit other our other sites.  However, with today's post we will start doing something a little different.

We will simply start a conversation with our audience in hopes that engagement reaches a level to with we have not reached yet.  You can go everywhere on the internet and read about what others what to tell YOU and what they think YOU want to hear.  On this blog, we will just talk to you about anything and everything to do with your wedding.

Why the change?

Its simple really.  We did not feel engaged enough with the people we call our customers and thus have not reached the "family" we desired from the start.  The interesting thing about social networks these days is that the intention is to become more social but at times it can be just as devoid of feeling and truth as anything else.  And as we all know, sifting through the truth on the world wide web can be a chore especially when it comes to planning a major life event like a wedding.

Where to now?

Now moving forward we will aim to converse with our readers and hopefully strike the right balance between promotion (there still needs to be a little of that) and engagement.  We want you to see who we are, why we do what we do, and more.  We hope this path proves to be an experience for all of us.

We wonder, what do you think of this new direction? 


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