Ask April: How do I pick a wedding theme?

This kind of question is one of the first many couples come to bear on.  How does any couple for that matter pick a wedding theme?  This is a harder question to answer when you consider all the things that go into a wedding.  Everything from flowers to invitations can tie into that central theme that makes that wedding a dream.  Thus, in order to really grab the right inspiration for that perfect wedding theme you must focus on three things, who you are, who you want to be, and who you want your family and friends to see.

Who you are
This is probably the hardest of the three as some people spend their whole lives figuring out who they are.  Bottom line is this, the type of people you are can give you a clear idea of what type of wedding you want.  For instance, if you are a biker couple and love black (who doesn't love a biker) then a theme aligned with those two things you like just may work for you.  Of course each person is different but your likes can draw out a theme the easiest.  Go with what you like.

Who you want to be
This is not as important as the other two but it can play a nice part in your wedding theme.  I have heard so many brides say how they vision themselves as a princess or a queen even a fairy.  Bottom line is whether or not you can become this image in your mind, its nice to at least know both personally and as a couple who you picture yourself being at your wedding.  Pretty much, let your imagination fly.

Who you want your family and friends to see
This one has a very basic premise, how do you want everyone to see you on your perfect day?  No matter what the theme you choose or who you are or even who you want to be, picture yourself as your best and that will probably be fine for everyone.  It is hard to be completely perfect but you can at least act the part.

Here is a list to help:
- Look to your likes
- Ask family and friends what type of person they see you as
- Grab your inspiration from everything (songs, pictures, past, present, future, etc)
- Trust your gut


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