April's Thoughts: Blogging and Launches

Thoughts on Blogging 

We can spend all day working and it still would be difficult to keep up with all the social networks there are out there.  Some sites say we should stay online at least an hour a day responding to clients, engaging customers, and being involved with your particular industry.  We often forget to do a little blogging about our thoughts for periods of time.  We will be blogging much more in the future and hope you read with us.

Big Launch

This week most of our focus has been on preparing to launch something on the 25th of March.  This entails creating launch materials, making you we cross our t's and dot our i's.  And lastly, simply having some wonderful to show.  We started doing this a month ago and it has proven to be very useful in getting the word out.  This time around we are hoping it provides just a large of an impact as we did before.  And with all the work that went into it, it should be more than worth it.

Keep an eye out on Sunday, March 25th, for the release of something wonderful.  You can either go to our website for updates or head right over to our store for the real thing.  Either way, we hope to see you involved.

Our Website http://www.apriltwentyfive.com
Our Store http://www.apriltwentyfive.etsy.com


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