Ask April: Any suggestions for US Destination Weddings?


I live in Illinois and have been trying to come up with a location for a destination beach wedding in the US. We are trying to keep the cost down for our guests. Any ideas would be much appreciated!
Thanks all!

ps. This whole wedding planning isnt as much fun as I always dreamed it would be
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A bride I worked with had her US destination wedding at: The Herrington on the Bay in Rose Haven, Maryland Don't frown... I know a lot of people who would definitely want the grand Bahamas or Bora Bora type destination weddings but they do require A LOT of work as far as logistics and everything else goes.

The great thing about having your destination wedding within the united states is, you can expect a much bigger turn out than you would if it was held overseas. If I were you, I'd tie in my wedding with destinations that not many people have been to yet. If you choose let say, Maryland, you could always tie it with a tour of all popular destinations leading to your chosen venue. I.e., The white house, capitol, a tour of DC, Bush gardens in VA, etc.

You want to be unique? Make it an adventure to remember... organize a big roadtrip to the altar!


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