Melodi: Old Hollywood in Vegas

Every once in a while we, April Twenty Five, as avid designers create something we are very proud of.  Since day one we at April Twenty Five have always had one focus, to create amazing designs to match with high quality products.

Today we are unveiling Melodi, an amazing wedding package design created as an inspiration to the most unique and vibrant wedding couples.  This dynamic package design, which was created in collaboration with one of our best clients,  offers one of the purest experiences in design across all our products.  This package is featured in three forms, a welcome kit, passport style, and an all new shot glass save the date. Each form is constructed to attain maximum exposure and maximum flair.  The full package price for each form is $740, $758, and $598 respectively.  These prices represent 50 sets.  However, the most important feature of these forms is that each one is FULLY customizable. 

"Melodi is an elegant introduction to a Las Vegas affair", said Katrina Muslim, April Twenty Five's co-owner.  "This package combines one of our most unique designs with the flair and jazz of Las Vegas".

We at April Twenty Five started this because we wanted to offer something unique to consumers.  Today, with the Melodi wedding design, we will continue to lead to that very goal of offering something special.

Follow the link below for details on pricing and inquires.

Melodi Welcome Kit

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