After Wedding Checklist

The wedding has passed and the day filled with fun, family and friends parts ways to the start of a new life together.  Now that the vacation is over, there some things to take care of.  This is the After Wedding Checklist.

Thank You's :
All the guests that attended your wedding (or sent a gift) deserve a little thanks for sharing your day with you.  This also applies to anyone else who took time to help you with planning.  You could personalize each thank you note (for the gift givers) or just send you a general thank you.  Normally, thank you cards are sent out two months after the wedding.  However, just sending them out to let people know anytime works just as well.

Top of the Cake:
Nothing says wedding like saving the top tier of the cake.  Traditionally, this practice has the top tier frozen for a year to be consumed on the on year anniversary.  However, these days its perfectly alright for newlyweds to share that cake together much sooner. Wedding dresses are another item that can be preserved by getting it cleaned and placed in plastic. Also, some brides save their bouquets as perfect moments in time.  It doesn't hurt to save anything else to remember your day.

Rented Items and Equipment
For almost any wedding, there are items that must be returned.  Napkins, chair covers, tuxedos, or anything else should all be on this list.  Make sure not to forget this items because missing these can bring a costly expense to a newlyweds budget.

Wedding Photos:
Working with a photographer can be a simple process.  After the wedding make sure you have the contact information of your photographer and a date you can expect your photographers to be ready for pickup.  It would also be a great idea to buy a few picture frames and a wedding album (if you do not already have one) to store your pictures in for display.

Although it may not be an immediate thing for some, its always a great idea to get a copy of your marriage certificate to have on hand. 


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