Welcome Gift Bags

A weddding is often filled with many issues that keep couples up late at night.  One that impacts so many weddings is inviting people from out of town.  Finding affordable hotel space, arranging for airfare, and other accomodations are just a few of the issues that can arise.  This is especially true for destination weddings; where how much it costs can make the difference between attending or not.  Often times couples prepare a gift for guests to help smooth the transition.  That is where out of town gifts come in.  These gifts provide a way to invite guests to new surroundings while making them feel comfortable.  But the question is what do you put in them?

Putting together out of town bags can be easy just by following a few steps. 

  • Choose a vessel - Choosing a vessel can be a tough decision as it depends on what your putting in it. It can be a box (which is great for heavier items), a basket (which is unique and presentable), paper bag (which are cost effective but nice), or a canvas bag (which can have graphics applied to it).  Either choice would be perfect.

  • Add Edibles - Adding edibles provides a nice touch to any gift bag or basket.  This can be wine, fruit, candy, or even other items like coffee.

  • Add Sourvenirs - These items are very helpful for guests wanting to take something back with them.  This is practically essential for destination weddings and great for everyone.  These items can be postcards, shot glasses, disposable camers, and even buttons. 

  • Play Tour Guide - There will always be a need for directions and playing tour guide by adding items that help will surely be welcome.  Things like dictionaries, event schedules, and maps are creative ways to gain guest interest in a digital world. 

  • Pamper - Nothing says relaxation like a few pampering items to relax with.  Things like eye masks, bath salts, and incense provide great ways for anyone to calm down.

  • Entertain - Finding ways to stay entertained before the big show is important for any trip.  Including items like pool floaters for the kids, mini checker boards, and a list of fun places to go on the destination; this is a crucial need for any gift bag.

  • Other items - Any other items that can easily be tossed in to give the gift a welcoming feel. 

Overall, OOT bags are effective tools to getting guests to experience a wedding like they never have. It can be great for couples and weddings or even as gifts for anyone.


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