Professional versus DIY

Wedding invitations are one of the most important elements of a wedding.  These items annouce a wedding to the world while the style and flair.  Invitations have become the best way to get people excited about coming to a wedding and even gives a few tidbits about what's to come.  In the end, invitations exist to represent the couple at their best.  Thus, the debate rages on about whether couples should have their invities professionally done or do it themselves. 

Professional Invitations

Professional invitations are created through the hard work of someone who uses their creative talents to build something their clients can be proud of.  These professionals spend their daily lives crafting the "idea" the client has in mind.  Overall, the main purpose of professional invitations is to take much of the load off the couple so that they may focus on more definitive portions of their wedding.  However, even though professional invitations offer piece of mind, that piece may not always be affordable.  Cost represents the biggest problem in purchasing profressional invities; although the quality is top notch.  Overall, a couple that chooses professional invitations can get a great deal of bang for their buck but the buck can be very expensive. 

DIY Invitations

The best thing about diy invitations is that it does not require any expertise to create.  Simple and easy, these invitations give a couple the best value by allowing them to fashion their invities exactly how they envision.  The only limitation with these are the couple's budget.  However, the biggest drawback is that if the couple does not have the techinical skills to do the kind of high quality look they want, it might be opposite of what they want their guests to see.  Overall, regardless of the quality, DIY invitations are often exactly what the couple is willing to pay for at a trade-off for outside help.  Thus, weddings with tight budgets would probably choose this option if it came down to numbers.

The differences between the two methods is clear.  The real things that matter like cost, quality, and professionalism can only matter to each indivdidual couple and their needs.  My wife and I made our own invitations.  Personally, my wife and I started April Twenty Five because we had the ability to give couples exactly what they want at an affordable price.  In the end, that is all anyone can ask for.


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